Coursera Plus $1 Dollar Offer – Is It Available?

I recently got to use all of Coursera Plus features and earn a few certificates all for just $1. You, too, can steal the Coursera Plus 1-dollar deal by following my detailed step-by-step guide.

The best part about this deal is that you can start your Coursera courses for $1 for yourself and your friends and family.

So, without any delay, let us get started by understanding what exactly you have ahead of you in this guide.

Quick Verdict – Coursera Plus $1 dollar Offer

I have covered the following points in depth later in this article, here is a quick look at the most essential facts about the Coursera Plus 1 dollar offer.

  • Coursera Plus $1 offer is valid till 01/01/2025.
  • The currently live Coursera Plus 1-dollar offer is via a referral program.
  • The $1 deal is only available for the Plus subscription plans on Coursera.

Coursera $1 Offer Details

Coursera offers two $1 offers to its new users. This can be confusing for some people but do not worry. I will be discussing both of them and will be speaking more about the active one, so you do not have to wait.

The two $1 offers are as follows- 

1. Seasonal Coursera Plus For $1 (Currently unavailable)

The first deal is a seasonal deal that is made available for every new user. 

Seasonal Coursera Plus For $1
Souce: Coursera’s Account on Instagram

As of April 2024, this offer is not live. But, Coursera runs a special discount every year during select periods, offering new Coursera Plus users the opportunity to learn for $1 for the first month of their annual subscription.

This Offer Is Not Live
Source: Coursera

Coursera Plus for $1 will charge you only $1 for the first month, and then your regular subscription fee will be charged for the next month.

You can subscribe to Coursera’s social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to get regular updates on such discounts and deals. 

This deal does not run live always and is only offered periodically. The availability of this deal is also for select countries only. But, there’s a workaround this (more on this further)

2. Coursera Plus 1-dollar Offer: $1 referral program (Available Coursera Offer)

If you are a new user of Coursera Plus, you have the power to help yourself and your friends get Coursera Plus for $1 for the first month with this referral link invite, valid until January 1, 2025.

Coursera Plus 1-dollar Offer
Source: Coursera

A few conditions that apply when getting Coursera Plus for 1 dollar are as follows-

  • You must have a new Coursera account.
  • You must be a legal resident of the 50 United States.
  • Or you must be a legal resident of the District of Columbia.
  • You should be the age of majority in your state/jurisdiction/country of permanent residence.
  • You should not have currently subscribed, have not previously subscribed, or have not previously used a free trial for Coursera Plus.

Important note: This reward is limited to one reward redemption per person, which means one referral link can only generate one valid referral discount.

How To Get Coursera For $1?

Since the first offer is unavailable and is selectively available, the only way to get Coursera for $1 is to find a new Coursera user and send them a referral link.

To get Coursera for $1, you must first have a new account, and a partner who also wants to get started with Coursera Plus. Once you both have created your new free account follow the steps given below-

#1. Click On The Dropdown

You will find your Username and a dropdown in the top right corner. Click on it to view the options.

Click On The Dropdown
Source: Coursera

#2. Choose The $1 Option

The drop-down will show the “Coursera Plus for $1” options in the 4th place from the top. Click on it as shown in the image below.

Choose The $1 Option
Source: Coursera

#3. Enter Your Details

You will now be taken to the referral program page. You can also click on this link to land directly on the referral program page. All you have to do now is re-enter your name and email ID used to log in to Coursera. Then click “Start Sharing.”

Enter Your Details
Source: Coursera

#4. Share Your Coursera Plus Referral Link

Copy the link and send it to a friend or a family member (a new User) who you think will also sign up on Coursera Plus.

Share Your Coursera Plus Referral Link
Source: Coursera

Once your friend uses your link to sign up and makes the payment for the Coursera plan you both will have access to earning unlimited certificates for the month in $1.

Hurray! You have successfully gotten your and your friend Coursera Plus for $1 and saved $59 each.

Other Ways To Get Discounts And Deals On Coursera Plus

The Coursera Plus 1 dollar deal is not the only deal to save money on Coursera. Here are a few other ways to save big or get a good deal on Coursera Plus.

1. Coursera Free Trial

Coursera has a 7-day free trial on the Coursera Plus subscription. Sign up for the monthly plan or annual subscription and enter your credit card details to take advantage of this offer.

Coursera Free Trial
Source: Coursera

The subscription fee will be charged after 7 days, so you can cancel anytime before this time if you do not like what Plus offers. So you can use Coursera Plus for 7 days for $0.

You can also finish a course in the 7-day free trial. However, you must pay the certificate fee for the course completion certificate.

Note- Check the Terms and Conditions of the Coursera Free trial here.

2. Using The Money Back Guarantee

Coursera Plus offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on the Annual subscription (cost= $399). So, even if you sign up for the annual subscription plan and do not like what you get within 14 days you can cancel your subscription and get $399 back! No questions asked.

Using The Money Back Guarantee
Source: Coursera

However, if you earn a course completion certificate within the first 14 days of your subscription the discretion of whether to give the money-back lies with Coursera. 

In most cases, Coursera is kind enough to refund your money and charge you only for the course certificate you gained during these 14 days.

Note- Check the whole refund policy on Coursera Plus here.

3. Getting The Annual Subscription – Save $309By Not Paying $708

When you buy the monthly subscription on Coursera Plus, you spend $59 per month, a total of $708 for 12 months (1 year).

Getting the Annual Subscription
Source: Coursera

I opt for the annual subscription instead of the monthly $59 one to save money. This way I have to only pay the annual subscription fee of $399 once for 12 months.

By opting for the annual subscription over the monthly subscription plan, you too can save $309 as $708 (59X12) – $399 = $309.

4. Financial Aid On Coursera Plus

If you are a student with a valid ID you can apply for financial aid from Coursera. Coursera, to make education accessible to all, helps students who are not financially strong to avail of its courses at a discounted price or even for free in some cases.

Financial Aid on Coursera Plus
Source: Coursera

You will have to do 2 things to get financial aid on Coursera-

  1. Fill in the financial help form on Coursera
  2. Write a 150 words application explaining why you deserve financial aid on Coursera

Note – Find the terms and conditions related to Coursera’s financial aid here. 

5. Coursera Black Friday Deal – $100 Off On The Coursera Annual Plan (Currently unavailable)

This offer is unavailable now as this $100 off is a part of the “Black Friday and Cyber Monday” deal. 

Coursera Black Friday Deal
Source: Coursera

Stay tuned in October and November when such black friday deals go active. Coursera’s black friday deal will help you get the $399 annual Coursera Plus subscription for just $299. 

If you need more information on this deal, check out these terms and conditions related to getting $100 off on Coursera here.

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Conclusion- Save Money By Getting Coursera Plus For Just $1 For You And Others!

Coursera offers two kinds of Coursera Plus 1 dollar offers, one of which is currently active and one which will be active later. To make it easy for you to claim Coursers for $1, I have discussed both in detail.

If you don’t find yourself the Coursera $1 offer do not fret! Many other deals and discounts discussed above can be used by new and old users. 

Students, too, have a special way to save money on Coursera, which I hope comes in handy for the needful and deserving ones.

So, don’t delay it anymore. Start your learning journey today with Coursera using the offer that suits you the best.


Can I get Coursera Plus for free?

You can use Coursera Plus for free during the 7-day trial period for the Coursera Plus subscription. However, after 7 days, you will be charged the fees based on your subscription plan.

How much does Coursera Plus cost?

Coursera Plus can be subscribed to for a monthly fee or an annual fee of $59 or $399, respectively. You can also find a lot of seasonal and festive discounts on Coursera that make the subscription for Coursera Plus cheaper.

Is Udemy better than Coursera?

The main difference between Udemy and Coursera is that Udemy does not offer accredited certificates. However, some Udemy courses are more up-to-date than a few Coursera courses.

What does Coursera Plus give you?

Coursera Plus gives you the opportunity to learn from multiple courses and earn unlimited certificates for a flat fee. You also get the 7-day free trial and 14-day money-back guarantee with Coursera Plus.

Can I get Coursera for free as a student?

Students can apply for financial aid on Coursera if they can not afford a course. If Coursera finds a student’s application genuine, they offer part or complete courses for free.

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