Coursera Plus Corporate Discount 2024 – Is It Available?

Coursera has a reputation for being an acclaimed e-learning platform with thousands of high-quality courses from top-tiered universities. However, the courses it offers may empty your wallet.

Therefore, to put less strain on your pocket, Coursera offers numerous discounts to make itself more accessible. Sadly, its most popular subscription plan, Coursera Plus, does not have a corporate discount.

However, you don’t have to worry.  In this article, you will learn about other ways to get Coursera Plus discounts, Coursera for Business plans and prices, the comparison between Cousera Plus and Coursera for Business Teams plan, and finally, Coursera alternatives that offer corporate discounts.

Let’s get right into it!

Does Coursera Plus Offer A Corporate Discount?

Coursera Plus does not offer a Corporate discount, despite the fact that there is a separate Coursera for Business platform.

Coursera Plus Offer A Corporate Discount
Source: Coursera Plus 

Here are some reasons that may explain why Coursera does not have a Corporate discount:

  1. Coursera’s business model focuses more on individual learners, regardless of background or profession.
  2. Coursera’s corporate offerings are limited to providing employee training and development programs, but these programs do not offer discounts or special pricing for corporate customers.
  3. While Coursera has a referral program, it does not provide a discount to corporate customers or teams.  

It is worth noting that Coursera’s pricing model is designed to be flexible and accessible to individual learners and teams. 

It offers options for monthly or annual subscriptions as well as one-time course purchases. 

While they may not offer corporate discounts, they do provide a range of other discounts to suit learners’ needs and wallets.

Ways to get Coursera Plus Discounts For Corporates

Coursera Plus, a subscription-based online learning platform, offers more than 90% off the courses cataloged on Coursera. 

Coursera Plus Discounts For Corporates
Source: Coursera Plus

However, its cost ($59/month or $399/year) can be a significant barrier for many corporations. Fortunately, Coursera Plus offers a 7-day free trial, monthly and yearly subscriptions, and a 14-day money-back guarantee on annual payments.

Let us explore the various methods for obtaining Coursera Plus discounts for corporates, making it more accessible and affordable for businesses to retrain their employees.

1. Coursera Plus Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts

Coursera Plus offers exclusive discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The best deal is $100 off on its annual subscription. 

Coursera Plus Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Source: Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

The following table explains the Coursera Plus discount during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

PlanAnnual Subscription PriceBlack Friday & Cyber Monday DiscountPrice After DiscountSavings
Coursera Plus$399/year$100/year$299/year $100/year

Coursera’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts offer great opportunities for learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge without spending a fortune.

Note: Coursera’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not active. Visit Coursera’s Black Friday deals page during November to get the best offers. 

If you are a corporate worker and want access to Coursera courses, but your company does not have a contract with the platform. Then, the following two options are for you. You can get Coursera courses at a discounted rate in your individual capacity by applying for Coursera annual pricing and a $1 referral program.

2. Coursera Annual Pricing

The Coursera Plus plan costs $59/month. However, the annual subscription is currently priced at $399 per year, which is a significant discount compared to the monthly subscription option.

The following table explains the Coursera Plus discount on annual subscriptions.

PlanPrice If Paid  MonthlyAnnual Subscription PriceAnnual Subscription Discount Savings
Coursera Plus$708/year$399/year43%$309/year

By paying upfront for the yearly plan, you can save up to $309 compared to the monthly plan.

3. $1 Referral Program

Coursera offers a referral program allowing you to refer friends or colleagues to the platform and earn rewards. This offer is particularly for first-time users.

Sign up for Coursera Plus with a friend’s referral link and enjoy your first month for just $1.

$1 Referral Program
Source: Coursera

If you are the first friend referred by someone, you will receive a special reward: your first month of Coursera Plus for just $1.

You can find your referral invite link on the Coursera referral website. You can also share your friends’ referral links and earn rewards when they sign up for Coursera Plus.

No coupons are required to redeem the reward, and the reward must be claimed by January 1, 2025.

Coursera has a limitation on referrals. If a friend receives multiple referral links, the platform will only recognize the first advocate referral link used by the friend to make an eligible purchase.

Coursera For Business Plans And Pricing 

Even though Coursera does not offer corporate discounts, it does have a specialized platform designed to empower businesses and teams to upskill and reskill their workforce. 

FeaturesTeam Enterprise
Number of users5-125More than 125
Price$399 per user per yearContact sales 
Catalog of more than 6,755 courses✔️✔️
Certificates ✔️✔️
3,500+ Guided Projects✔️✔️
Mobile apps✔️✔️
300+ job-oriented recommendations✔️
Career Academy ✔️
Billing by PayPal or credit card✔️
Billing by invoice ✔️✔️

The Coursera for Business Teams plan is ideal for smaller teams, with a flat fee per user. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is suitable for large organizations, with customized pricing and support.

Note: You must meet the annual contract threshold for services.

Which Is Better, Coursera Plus Or Coursera For Business Teams? 

Coursera for Teams and Coursera Plus are two distinct offerings from Coursera. 

FeaturesCoursera PlusCoursera for Business Teams
Unlimited access to the majority of the catalog✔️✔️
Access a library of 200,000 short videos and lessons❌ ✔️
Price$399 per user per month $399 per user per month 
Number of users1For 5 to 125 users
B2B offering ✔️
Skill monitoring✔️
Assess proficiency levels✔️
Guage time to mastery❌ ✔️

In summary, Coursera for Teams is designed for businesses and teams, providing features tailored to their needs, such as monitoring skills and proficiency levels. 

Whereas Coursera Plus is a subscription-based service for individual learners, offering flexibility and access to a vast array of courses and topics.  

If you are not satisfied with Coursera Plus or the Business Teams plan, there are other alternatives you can choose from.

Coursera Alternatives That Offer Corporate Discounts

Since Coursera Plus does not offer a corporate discount, you can look for alternatives that do. I have researched and found the Coursera alternatives that offer corporate discounts. Here are a few options: DataCamp, edX, and Pluralsight. 

The following table compares Coursera with DataCamp, edX, and Pluralsight. 

FeaturesCoursera DataCampedXPluralsight
Price$59/month $300/year$50 to $300$540/year
Discounted price❌ $149 per user /1st year$40 to $240$449/year
Discount ❌ 50%20% 14%
Savings $151 per user /1st year$10 to $60$91/year
Best for Business, Data Science, Public Health, Computer Science, Engineering, and Social ScienceData Science, AI, Statistics, Programming, Data Visualization, and Machine LearningData Science, AI, Education, Finance, Investment, Real Estate, and Computer ScienceSoftware Development, IT, and Data Analysis

Note: All the ratings have been sourced from G2.

Let us now take a quick but detailed look at the alternative platforms that offer Corporate Discounts. 

1. DataCamp Teams 50% Discount

DataCamp offers a Teams plan to learn with a significant discount of 50% off the regular price. This plan is specifically created for teams with more than two users up to 10,000 users and provides a more affordable way to access DataCamp’s courses.

DataCamp Teams 50% Discount
Source: DataCamp promo

With this discount, you can get access to the entire content library and certificates. You’ll also get to view learning activities and track progress. 

2. edX 20% Off On Executive And Education Courses

edX offers a discount of 20% on select executive education courses. You can save 20% by using code EDXSPRING24. You can also save 30% on select edX courses and programs using the same code.

edX 20% Off On Executive
Source: edX promotion

Additionally, edX is currently offering Birthday presents for all: 30% off on select programs through May 31, 2024.

3. Pluralsight 14% Off On Skills Premium

Pluralsight is offering 14% off the annual payment for its Skills Premium plan. The initial cost was $540 per year, which is reduced to $449 per year with this discount.

Pluralsight 14% Off On Skills Premium
Source: Pluralsight 

If you are interested in learning more about Pluralsight’s skills subscription plans and any available discounts, I recommend visiting their website.

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Conclusion: Coursera Does Not Offer Corporate Discounts, But There Are Other Ways To Save!

Coursera for Teams is better than Coursera Plus because of its additional features, library, and customization. Even without Coursera Plus Corporate discounts, the Coursera platform remained a highly sought-after online learning platform.

This is because Coursera offers various promos and ways to access Coursera Plus at a lower price. These include Black Friday- Cyber Monday sales, savings on annual subscriptions, and a $1 referral offer.

Among all these options, seeking Coursera’s Black Friday deal is the best discount you can get. Save up to $100 per year with this discount.

Therefore, keep an eye on the discount and grab it at the earliest.


What is Coursera Plus for $1?

Coursera is offering a $1 referral service for just $1 for the first month. To take advantage of this offer, you can sign up for Coursera Plus using a friend’s referral link.

What kind of Financial aid Coursera offers?

Coursera’s financial assistance involves employer tuition reimbursement, U.S. Federal financial aid, private loans, prior learning credits, scholarships, and grants.

How do you audit a course on Coursera?

You can audit a course by following simple steps. First, find the course, click on enroll, and select audit as an option. However, not all courses are eligible for auditing.

Can I get a refund on my Coursera Plus subscription?

Coursera Plus subscriptions can be refunded within fourteen days of payment. You can cancel if you no longer want to pay for a subscription. 

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