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Coursera for Colleges is an innovative partnership that assists colleges and institutions in offering Coursera course catalogs to their students.

It strengthens employability, increases enrollment, and enhances the college curriculum with career-aligned courses and micro-credentials.

However, if your college or university does not have such partnerships, you can still take advantage of individual discounts offered by Coursera.

In this article, I’ll explain the Coursera for Colleges platform, the registration process, student discounts, and how Coursera for College helps students and colleges.

Let us get started.

Coursera For Colleges

Coursera for College, also called Coursera for Campus/University, is a platform that enables colleges and universities to support their students. 

The platform provides students access to a wide range of online courses, certificates, and degrees from other top universities and companies, as well as from their own customized study material.

Coursera for Colleges
Source: Coursera 

In short, this platform is designed to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

Who Is Eligible For Coursera For College?

Institutions wanting to apply for Coursera for Campus partnership must examine the eligibility criteria before submitting an interest form.

To be eligible to join Coursera for Campus, an institute must meet the following criteria:

  1. Coursera for Campus is available to accredited universities, colleges, and other educational institutions that offer degree-granting programs.
  2. The institutions must have a minimum of 20,000 students enrolled.
  3. Institutions must have a valid email address/domain that can be used to complete the sign-up process.
  4. Institutions must have a program management team to manage and administer the Coursera for Campus program.

If your institute is eligible, follow the steps to apply to join Coursera for Campus.

Coursera For College: Steps To Register

To apply for Coursera for College/Campus, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check if your institution is eligible for the Coursera for Campus initiative and submit an interest form using your institution’s email address. 

To submit an interest form, visit Coursera for Campus’s official website by clicking here. Then click on the “Contact Us” option.

Campus's Official Website
Source: Coursera

Step 2: Fill out the interest form and click the “Submit option.

Click The Submit Option
Source: Coursera

Step 3: If you’re a new user, create a Coursera account using your institution’s email address. To do so, click here. You’ll be directed to their official page.

Create A Coursera Account
Source: Coursera

Step 4: Click “Join for Free” in the top right corner or the middle of your screen.

Click Join For Free
Source: Coursera

Step 5: You’ll see a “Sign up” window next.

Sign Up
Source: Coursera

Step 6: You can fill out the information, such as the institution’s name, email, and password, and click “Join for Free.”

Click on Join For Free Option
Source: Coursera

Coursera will verify your account within two business days. Once it is approved, you will receive an email notification. 

Step 7: Once your account is approved, you can access Coursera for Campus and explore the available courses and resources.    

Following these steps, you can successfully apply for Coursera for Campus and start your online learning journey.

Coursera For Campus Solutions 

Coursera for Campus provides numerous solutions to the problem colleges and universities face in providing access to quality courses and online learning resources. 

These solutions include generative AI courses, Course Builder, Guided Projects, Professional Certificates, and Career Academy. 

Coursera For Campus Solutions
Source: Coursera 

Let us now go through these solutions in detail.

  1. Generative AI Courses: Coursera offers a range of courses and programs focused on Generative AI, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that enables the creation of new content, such as images, music, and text, using machine learning algorithms
  1. Guided Projects: The Guided Projects provide students with hands-on learning and step-by-step expert guidance to help them quickly acquire job-ready skills, tools, and technologies.
  1. Course Builder: Coursera designed the Course Builder, an innovative AI-assisted authoring tool, to empower universities to produce custom courses quickly using world-class experts from academia and industry.
  1. Professional Certificates: Professional certificates are typically offered by companies and industry professionals who design and deliver the content. To earn a professional certificate, students have to complete a series of courses, projects, or assessments. 
  1.  LMS Integration: Coursera for Campus enables colleges and universities to integrate Coursera’s online courses and degree programs into their existing Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Considering all the solutions offered, Coursera for Campus empowers colleges and universities to stay ahead of the curve and prepare students for the dynamic job market.

Individual Discounts For College Students

Coursera for colleges does not specifically offer discounts. But as a student and individual, you are privy to a number of discounts from Coursera. If your college is not in partnership with Coursera, here are some ways to get a discount.

1. Coursera Financial Aid 

Coursera offers financial aid to eligible learners to help them access its courses and degree programs. 

You can apply for Coursera financial aid by clicking on the link on the course home page. Remember that this aid is available for selected courses only. 

 Coursera Financial Aid
Source: Coursera

Once your financial aid is approved, you can access all the course content and earn a certificate. To apply for financial assistance, you must complete an application form with information about your educational background, career goals, and economic circumstances.

Note: You can only submit up to 10 applications at once.

2. Coursera Annual Subscription Discount

The Coursera Plus plan costs $59/month and provides unlimited access to 90% of the course catalog. 

Subscription PlanPrice by months Annual PriceDiscountSavings
Coursera Plus Annual$708/year$399/year43%$309/year

By paying upfront for the yearly plan, you can save up to $309 compared to the monthly plan.

3. Coursera Black Friday- Cyber Monday Deals

Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not live. However, you can check the official sites for deals in November and December 2024.

During the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale 2023, Coursera rolled out a discount offering $100 off on its annual subscription, making it an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and gain certificates.

Coursera Black Friday- Cyber Monday
Source: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coursera Deals 2023 

We can surely expect similar deals in the 2024 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Since such deals are only available for a limited time, be sure to act quickly to take advantage of these offers when announced.

5. Coursera $1 Referral Offer

Coursera offers a referral program allowing you and me to refer friends to the platform and earn rewards. According to this offer, when you sign up for Coursera Plus using a friend’s referral link, you can get your first month for just $1.

Coursera $1 Referral Offer
Source: Coursera

Your referral link is on the Coursera website. You can also share your friends’ referral links and earn rewards when they sign up for Coursera Plus.

4. Auditing A Course In Coursera 

Auditing a course on Coursera allows you to access all the course materials, including video lectures, readings, and discussion forums, without paying for the course.

When you audit a course, you won’t be able to submit assignments, but you’ll still be able to learn from the course content and participate in discussions with other learners.

Auditing A Course In Coursera
Source: Coursera

You can upgrade to a paid course certificate at any time during or after your audit, and your grades will be transferred to your paid certificate.

It is important to note that not all courses are available for auditing. Also, an audited course does not provide a certificate of completion.

Coursera For Campus Pricing Plans

Coursera for Campus offers two plans to support students, colleges, and universities in their online learning journey: Career Academy and Full Catalog.

Coursera for Campus Pricing Plans
Source: Coursera 

These plans cater to different needs and goals, providing various features and benefits. Here’s a comparison of the Coursera for Campus Plans

Coursera For Campus Features Career AcademyFull Catalog
PriceContact SalesContact Sales
Access to Guided Projects, assessments, and quizzes✔️✔️
Industry Micro-credentials✔️✔️
Access to courses from top universities✔️
Private authoring tools✔️
Job-based learning programs✔️✔️
Plagiarism tracking✔️✔️
Mobile apps and offline access✔️✔️
Billing by PayPal or credit card✔️✔️
Billing by invoice✔️✔️

Let’s learn about these plans in detail.

1. Career Academy

The Career Academy is an innovative program that helps students find the proper role for their career goals, build skills, and earn micro-credentials from a leading company.

Career Academy
Source: Coursera 

By providing students with the skills, knowledge, and credentials needed to succeed in the modern workforce, the Career Academy is helping to prepare the next generation of professionals for a rapidly changing job market.

2. Full Catalog

Full Catalog is an all-inclusive Coursera plan for college. This subscription-based service allows universities and colleges to provide their students with a massive online course library and learning material.

With unlimited Guided Project access and an administrative dashboard, this plan is a comprehensive solution for institutions’ woes.

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Conclusion: Full Catalog Is The Best Plan Offered By Coursera For College!

Coursera for College/Campus’s Full Catalog plan is an invaluable resource for universities and colleges looking to improve their students with access to various online courses and learning materials.

With its flexible and scalable features, this plan is an excellent choice for institutions looking to enhance their online learning offerings.

However, if your college is not in partnership with Coursera, you can still take advantage of the individual discounts offered by Coursera.

Therefore, sign up for Coursera for Colleges now!


Do college students get free Coursera?

Coursera’s extensive catalogs include 7,626 free courses. Anyone can take these courses, including college students. Additionally, the Coursera for Campus initiative offers one free Coursera course and unlimited Guided Projects through colleges and universities.

Is Coursera good for college students?

Coursera is the best online learning platform for college students, as it offers college prep courses and certificates that can aid their education.

Are Coursera courses accepted by colleges?

More than 2,000 universities and colleges consider ACE-recommended courses for credit, and they accept these courses. 

Do universities use Coursera?

Universities use Coursera courses to teach their students. The Coursera for Universities initiative facilitates the use of Coursera courses by various universities and academic institutions. 

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