Coursera vs Coursera Plus 2024 – Features & Pricing Comparison

Coursera has many differences, inclusions, and exclusions within its basic and Coursera Plus subscription, which can be overwhelming to find out and follow. 

I have used both this platform’s paid and free versions and have found a few areas where there’s one clear choice you should make between Coursera and Coursera Plus. 

This article has compiled these factors into an easy-to-read comparison to help you decide which Coursera and Coursera Plus are worth using for your educational needs.

Let me start by telling you the main points and differences between Coursera and Coursera Plus.

What Is The Difference Between Coursera vs Coursera Plus?

Here is a quick table to help you understand the fundamental differences between Coursera and Coursera Plus.

FeaturesCourseraCoursera Plus
Free Trial
Money Back Guarantee
CostStarts $49Starts $59/ month
Single Courses7000+
Important FeatureLifetime access to coursesFlat fee for 7k courses
Certificates1 CertificateUnlimited Certificates

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning website that helps learners earn accredited certificates for various types of academic courses such as –

  • Free Courses
  • Guided projects
  • Single Courses
  • Specializations 
  • Professional certificates 
  • MasterTrack certificates
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs

How Coursera Works

On Coursera, anyone can create a free account and start their learning journey by choosing from a selection of 9,000+ free and paid courses.

Coursera offers a few free courses on its platform, but you must pay a fee to receive the course completion certificate for a particular free course.

If you buy a paid course on this website, the certificate and exam fees will be included in the payment, so you need not worry about paying separately for the certificate. 

What Coursera Offers

Coursera includes a lot of perks for its users. A few important ones are mentioned below-

  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Access to all course types.
  • MasterTrack and Degree programs are exclusively available on Coursera.
  • One paid Certificate per course.

What Is Coursera Plus?

Unlike Coursera’s single-use, Coursera Plus is a subscription plan that learners interested in saving money and learning more can buy at an affordable price. The course programs included in Coursera Plus are- 

  • Free Courses
  • Guided projects
  • Single Courses
  • Specializations 
  • Professional certificates

How Coursera Plus Works

Coursera Plus is a subscription plan that works as a great savings plan. Learners can choose from over 7,000+ courses and finish them to earn a course completion certificate.

Coursera Plus

The flat fee is all-inclusive of the course, course materials, quizzes, exams, and completion certificates.

However, Coursera Plus excludes a few courses and all the MasterTrack and degree programs. You can find all the inclusions and exclusions of Coursera Plus here.

What Coursera Plus Offers

Coursera Plus offers all the perks that Coursera fails to provide. To name a few of them, they are-

  • A 7-day Free Trial is available only with Coursera Plus.
  • Monthly and annual payment plan.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee is available on the Annual Coursera Plus Subscription. 
  • You can do as many courses as possible and earn unlimited certificates.
  • A flat annual fee helps save as much as $309.

Coursera Vs Coursera Plus- Pros And Cons

The good and bad sides of both Coursera and Coursera are based on facts found during my research and a few personal experiences. Let’s see what they are.

Coursera Pros And Cons

Coursera has many good things about it as a learning platform, but from personal experience, I have also found a few cons of using Coursera compared to Coursera Plus. Here are a few of them-


  • Offers accredited certificates
  • Course material can be downloaded 
  • Experienced teaching from the best instructors
  • Provides college credits


  • It can be expensive compared to Coursera Plus
  • No flat fee across courses
  • No free trial offered
  • No money-back guarantee

Coursera Plus Pros And Cons

Coursera Plus has many more perks than Coursera, so let’s find out about them. I have struggled to find many cons of using Coursera Plus, but I have mentioned a few things that I don’t like about the subscription plan.


  • Includes a 7-day Free Trial
  • Includes money-back guarantee
  • It is more affordable than buying one course at a time
  • Unlimited accredited certificates 
  • Includes many courses that provide college credits
  • Experienced teaching from the best instructors 
  • Discounts and deals are often available on Coursera Plus


  •  Course material expires with a subscription
  •  Need self-motivated learner to take multiple courses

Coursera Vs Coursera Plus- Pricing And Savings

Coursera and Coursera Plus differ greatly when it comes to pricing. In this table, I will show you how much you will be spending and saving if you opt for Coursera or Coursera Plus.

Pricing For Single Course CostMonthly CostAnnual CostMaximum Savings
CourseraStarts at $49/ month & can go up to $2000
Coursera Plus$59$399$309

If you buy a course on Coursera, you spend more than necessary. For example, buying a course worth $49 per month and taking 8 months to finish it instead of the estimated 6 months duration can result in spending $392.

With Coursera Plus, you can buy time worth 12 months for $399 and finish your course at your convenience.

Coursera Vs Coursera Plus- Pricing

Also, Buying the Coursera Plus annual subscription over the monthly subscription can save you $309, which you would have to pay for 12 months if you opted for the monthly subscription plan of $59.

Coursera vs Coursera Plus – Who Are They Best Suited For?

If you are still wondering which is better for you—Coursera or Coursera Plus, I have the answer for you.

Coursera Is Best For

If the following reasons suit your learning needs, you should go for Coursera.

  • If you want to take a single learning program
  • If you want to do short certificate courses (1 or 2 months)
  • If you want to do a degree program or a MasterTrack course

Coursera Plus Is Best For

If the following reasons suit your learning needs, then choose Coursera Plus.

  • If you are a learner who wants to gain in-depth knowledge
  • If you want to make your CV attractive by gaining unlimited certificates
  • Saving money in your educational journey
  • If you like to be flexible about taking a course at your convenience

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Final Verdict: Get Unlimited Certificates At a Great Price with Coursera Plus

If you are certain that you will only take a single course and that you won’t need other Coursera courses related to your desired course, you can opt to buy only that particular course.

However, opting for the Coursera Plus membership allows one to do multiple courses simultaneously. I use the subscription plan to take classes related to the concepts I find difficult to understand in my main course. 

This way, my foundational knowledge becomes a strong base for grasping and remembering advanced concepts with Coursera Plus. You, too, can start a journey of in-depth knowledge while saving money with Coursera Plus using this link today.


Is Coursera Plus worth the price?

Coursera Plus is worth the price because it helps you earn unlimited accredited certificates that help job seekers and college applicants stand out.

What is excluded from Coursera Plus?

MasterTrack certificates, degree programs, and a few professional certificates are excluded from Coursera Plus.

Can I get Coursera Plus for free?

Coursera Plus is a paid subscription plan. Hence, it cannot be obtained for free. However, new Coursera Plus users can get a free 7-day trial.

Is Udemy better than Coursera?

Udemy lacks accreditation compared to Coursera Certificate, making Coursera a better option than Udemy.

Are Coursera certificates respected?

Coursera Certificates are offered by industry giants and Ivy League colleges like Google, Microsoft, Penn University, Harvard, and Yale, making these certificates respectable globally.

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