Coursera Reddit 2024 – Available Offers & Deals

Are you looking for information on Coursera discounts on Reddit? Reddit’s community discussions offer valuable insights into such topics.

I found out about many Coursera discounts on Reddit. Users share tips, tricks, and secrets on Reddit to help you snag the best Coursera discount codes and financial aid options.

In this article, I’ll uncover the Reddit threads concerning Coursera discounts, how to get them, and the troubles faced while getting them. After a thorough analysis, I’ll also give you my verdict and experience.

Stay tuned for updates on Coursera’s special offers, and get ready to unlock your full potential! 

Coursera Reddit Discount & Discussions

Many Reddit users regularly share their experiences and views. They have also done the same for Coursera discounts. 

Reddit users have shared evergreen discounts on Coursera, such as its financial support system and course auditing feature.

Let’s go through some of the Reddit threads explaining the Coursera discounts.

1. Coursera Financial Aid

“Hey! once u click the course there’s a thing called “ financial support “. u click there and fill out the info. and then you’ll be entitled to write a letter w 600 words saying why do u deserve the financial aid. they reply back in 15 days.

Reddit - Coursera Financial Aid
Source: Reddit

2. Coursera Course Auditing 

“I haven’t used these codes for Coursera but as far as the aid goes, you can audit the course and watch all the videos and everything while the aid is in process.”

Reddit - Coursera Course Auditing
Source: Reddit

3. Process Of Auditing A Course On Coursera

“If you click “enroll for free” to start the free trial of the course you want, you can see the option to audit on the bottom left of the signup modal! If you want the certification for LinkedIn/your resume, you can apply for financial aid.”

Reddit - Process Of Auditing A Course On Coursera
Source: Reddit

Financial aid by Coursera is always the best discount you can get. However, getting financial aid takes about two weeks. During this time, you can apply for your desired course through course auditing if that option is available. 

As soon as your financial aid gets approved, switch to the paid version of the audited course. Isn’t it the best strategy to save time and money?  

Let us now shift to the ambiguous territory- things and features that Coursera users are dissatisfied with. One frequent and prominent charge against Coursera financial aid is that the amount reduced is different from the one specified while filling out the form. 

Therefore, let’s see some additional but not-so-critical Reddit reviews on Coursera discounts.

Additional Reviews On Coursera Discount

While some Reddit users have benefitted from Coursera discount threads, some have expressed frustration about fake discount coupons freely floating on the Internet.  

Some users even got misled about particular discounts that were specific for a certain region only. Let us take a look at what they are saying:

1. Limitations Of Coursera Financial Aid

“Looks like I can’t get full discount with financial aid anymore :(The last month I’ve asked for two courses and both were approved but only 25% off.It seems like it’s the only option for the ones I’ve tried, Google Business Intelligence. I’ve tried to set my payment to zero, but still.I would pay for Coursera plus but it’s pretty expensive for my third world wage. It was nice while it lasted”

Reddit Review - Limitations Of Coursera Financial Aid
Source: Reddit

2. Fake Coupon Codes 

“Yes, I have tried 3 different codes and none have worked. I did email Coursera support and they said it needed to be escalated but I’ve received no update in over a week.”

Reddit Review - Fake Coupon Codes
Source: Reddit

3. Localized Coursera Discount

“Sorry, I ended up realizing that because I live in California I’m eligible to access most Coursera courses for free through a public library subsidy program. I’m aware this exists for NY as well. So if you live in either of those I’d say try looking into those, otherwise I got nothing for ya :/ Best of luck!|”

Reddit Review - Localized Coursera Discount
Source: Reddit

See! In this sea of information and confusion, it is very easy to get lost and further away from the actual truth. Let us now turn our face to reality.

Coursera Discount: My Experience And Reality

The Reddit discussions about Coursera discounts showcase diverse opinions and experiences. Since Reddit is filled with all sorts of confusing information, I’ll share the correct and official facts on Coursera discounts. 

Coursera offers numerous course discounts and promotions to its users. Here are some ways to get Coursera discounts: 

1. Coursera Financial Aid

You can apply for Coursera financial aid by clicking on the link on the course home page. Once your financial aid is approved, you can access all the course content and earn a certificate. 

Apply For Financial Aid
Source: Coursera Financial Aid

After clicking on the “Financial aid available” option on the course page, you have to complete an application form with information about your educational background, career goals, and economic circumstances.

2. Coursera Annual Subscription Discount

The Coursera Plus plan costs $59/month and provides unlimited access to 90% of the course catalog. 

Coursera Annual Subscription Discount
Source: Coursera Plus

Here is a table showing details of the discount.

Subscription PlanPrice by months Annual PriceDiscountSavings
Coursera Plus Annual$708/year$399/year43%$309/year

By paying upfront for the yearly plan, you can save up to $309, a 43% discount compared to the monthly plan.

3. Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts

Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not live but will be active in November 2024. During this season last year, Coursera rolled out a discount offering $100 off on its annual subscription.

Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts
Source: Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

We expect similar deals in the 2024 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Remember to check the Coursera website for the latest information.

4. Coursera $1 Referral Offer

Coursera offers a referral program allowing you to refer friends to the platform and earn rewards. According to this offer, when you sign up for Coursera Plus using a friend’s referral link, you can get your first month for just $1.

Coursera $1 Referral Offer
Source: Coursera Referral Invite

You can get a referral link on the Coursera website. You can also share your friends’ referral links and earn rewards when they sign up for Coursera Plus.

5. Course Auditing Option

Auditing a course on Coursera allows you to access all the course materials, including video lectures, readings, and discussion forums, without paying for the course.

Course Auditing Option
Source: Coursera

Note: You won’t be able to submit assignments; not all courses are available for auditing, and an audited course does not provide a certificate of completion.

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Conclusion: Coursera Reddit Threads Are Informative!

Coursera has sparked numerous discussions on Reddit, offering valuable insights into its discount policies and coupon codes. 

Such discussions enable users to share their experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other. 

They also provide Coursera course feedback and reviews. 

These reviews made me realize that Coursera financial aid offers the best discount. Follow the steps mentioned in the article and get financial assistance.


What is the cheapest way to get a discount for Coursera?

Financial aid is the best way to get Coursera at a cheaper rate. It is for the learners who can not afford to pay for courses.

Does Coursera offer a student discount?

Coursera does not offer a student discount. However, despite this, there are many ways to save on Coursera, such as financial aid, auditing a course, and an annual subscription.

Can I get Coursera Plus for free?

You can not get Coursera Plus free, but you can get access to the 7-day free trial.  Additionally, Coursera offers financial aid.

Can two people use one Coursera account?

Two people can not use a single account. The Coursera policy states you can only create, access, and use one account.  

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